Depuis 25 ans nous faisons tout pour votre voiture.

Notre centre de réparation multi-marques agréé Bosch.

Depuis 25 ans nous faisons tout pour votre voiture.

Depuis 25 ans nous faisons tout pour votre voiture.


Bosch Service

The guaranteed professionalism of a large organisation at a more reasonable price.

  • Bosch provides electronics for all vehicle makes (over 25% of your vehicle comes from Bosch!).
  • Bosch is THE leading diagnostics producer for virtually all vehicle makes.
  • Bosch software detects and understands required repairs. It is aware of all of your vehicle’s required maintenance, regardless of make**.
  • Bosch provides extremely effective online technical support with its engineers and technicians.
  • Bosch requires ongoing training in new technologies.

All of these reasons convinced us that Bosch was the ideal partner to enable us to welcome, maintain, diagnose and repair all of your vehicles.
At Road Motor you are assured of receiving the professional service of a larger organisation without their impersonal service and pricing policy.

**Europe now requires manufacturers to share all technical and service requirements. Bosch collects, analyses and provides this information to its partners.
By following the guidelines, all of your warranties will remain in effect.

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